2020-2021 Bulletin 
    Jun 20, 2024  
2020-2021 Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Advanced Study in Prevention Science with an Emphasis on Media Based Prevention, Certificate

The Certificate in Advanced Study in Prevention Science with an Emphasis on Media-Based Prevention offers trainees an opportunity to build their knowledge and skills in the application of media to psychotropic substance use prevention, while gaining a deep foundation in health behavior and prevention science. Advanced methodologies for developing theory-based prevention programs, using the media to enhance prevention effects, and the intersection of prevention sience theory and research, along with on-th-ground practice, are covered in depth. The program culminates with a practicum experience tailored to, and acompatible with the current practice and cultural context of each trainee.


Courses at CGU:

  • Theories of Health Behavior
  • Survey of Prevention Science
  • Attitude Change, Communication, and Persuasion

Distance Learning Component (15 weeks):

  • 90 hours of guided self-directed computer-based learning
  • weekly technology-assisted class meetings

Practicum Course: Trainees will develop and present the applications they have developed for use in their home countries.

Comprehensive Qualifying Examination: Taken at the end of all courses.

University Policies.  Policies detailed in the University Policies   and Academic Policies   sections of the Bulletin apply for all certificate students.