2020-2021 Bulletin 
    Feb 04, 2023  
2020-2021 Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Officers of the Corporation

Board of Trustees

Chair: Tim Kirley

President: Len Jessup

Mukesh Aghi
Donald P. Baker
Alfred Balitzer
Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Wen Chang
Rudolph I. Estrada
Dallas E. Haun
Jeanne Holm
Tom Hsieh
Mark Chapin Johnson
Michael J. Johnston
Mohannad S. Malas
Deron Marquez
Thomas J. O’Donnell
Laila Pence
Mashi Rahmani
Beverly P. Ryder
Jeffrey J. Sherman
Elliot H. Stein Jr.
Gary Stiffelman
Larry Taylor
Marshall W. Taylor


Administrative Officers

Executive Vice President and Provost: Patricia Easton, PhD

Treasurer and Vice President, Finance & Administration: Leslie Negritto

Associate Vice President, Finance & Administration: Ryan Callahan

Secretary of the Corporation: Leslie Negritto

Controller: Mia Alonzo