2020-2021 Bulletin 
    Jun 20, 2024  
2020-2021 Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Evaluation and Applied Research, MS

Claremont Graduate University’s online Master’s in Evaluation & Applied Research—designed with input from with the acclaimed Claremont Evaluation Center (CEC)—is tailored for students seeking skills to improve decisions, programs, and policies in a wide variety of settings, including education, health and well-being, and positive psychology. This program, offered exclusively online, prepares students for demanding careers in policy and management with a foundation in state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and methodologies.

The well-rounded curriculum of this master’s degree program emphasizes functional relevance for practicing evaluators. First and foremost, students will be trained to develop sound research methodology and to use this methodology to analyze data and conduct research in order to reliably assess the quantitative and qualitative aspects of projects and programs using current assessment tools and software.

Admission requirements are detailed in the Admissions  section of the Bulletin.

Degree Requirements

Coursework: The MS in Evaluation and Applied Research requires 32 units of coursework. Required courses include:

  • EVAL 310 Theory-driven Evaluation Science (4 units)
  • EVAL 315 Evaluation & Applied Research Methods: A Survey of Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches (4 units)
  • EVAL 320 Quantitative Analysis & Statistics for Evaluation & Applied Research(4 units)
  • EVAL 325 Qualitative Research Methods for Evaluation & Applied Research (4 units)
  • EVAL 330 Mixed Methods in Evaluation & Applied Research (4 units)
  • EVAL 380 Directed Specialization (4 units)
  • EVAL 385 Evaluation & Applied Research Procedures (4 units)
  • EVAL 350 Elective/Specialization (Option #1: Global Health Evaluation and Applied Research) or EVAL 365 Elective/Specialization (Option #2: Educational Evaluation and Applied Research)  (4 units)

Minimum Grade Requirements.  The University’s policy on Academic Policies - Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)  (SAP) applies.  The Evaluation and Applied Research program requires students to pass the following courses with a grade of B- or better:

  • Core course (EVAL 310)
  • Research Methods (EVAL 315 & EVAL 325)
  • Statistics (EVAL 320)

Thesis.  A thesis is not required   

University policies detailed in the Academic Policies  section of the Bulletin apply.