2016-2017 Bulletin 
    Jun 20, 2024  
2016-2017 Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Engineering & Industrial Applied Mathematics Joint PhD with California State University Long Beach, PhD

The doctoral program in Engineering & Industrial Applied Mathematics is a joint program with the College of Engineering at California State University, Long Beach.   This program was developed with two educational goals.

  • To draw upon the synergistic expertise of the research faculty at CGU and CSULB to offer an interdisciplinary degree that integrates advanced mathematical analysis with modern engineering techniques
  • To formulate an individually tailored degree program that seeks to combine the applied mathematics field with one or more specific branches of engineering in order to fully enable graduates in their academic, research, or industrial careers

The key objective is to enable the development each student’s expertise through a challenging combination of mathematics courses and engineering specializations: aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer science and engineering, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering. Programs of study for each student are carefully integrated to ensure the interdisciplinary nature of the academic research.

Degree Requirements

Joint Program Guidelines.  Responsibilities of students enrolled in the program are detailed on the registrar’s Joint Programs webpage.

Coursework.  The joint degree program requires 72 units of graduate level coursework.  Students in the program take a minimum of 24 units of engineering coursework at CSULB and a minimum of 24 units of mathematics coursework at CGU.  Up to 24 units of applicable master’s level coursework may be brought in as transfer credit.  Transfer credit guidelines are detailed in the Registration & Enrollment  section of the Bulletin.

Preliminary Exams.  Four preliminary exams from student-designated topics are required: two at CGU and two at CSULB.

Research Tool.  One research tool is required.  Selection of the research tool is subject to the approval of the program director.

Transfer Credit.  Up to 24 units of applicable master’s level coursework completed at another institution may be considered for transfer credit.  The University’s policy on transfer credit  applies.

University Policies.  University policies detailed in the Academic Policies  section of the Bulletin apply.