2018-2019 Bulletin 
    Jun 20, 2024  
2018-2019 Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]


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Chair: John Angus
(909) 621-8080


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The principal objectives or goals of the Mathematical Sciences programs at Claremont Graduate University are as follows.

  • The doctoral program  qualifies students for careers as researchers or educators in mathematical sciences.
  • Master’s programs  in applied mathematics are designed for students seeking employment in industry or government, as well as for currently employed persons wishing to expand their knowledge of modern techniques and trends in applied mathematics.

Joint doctoral programs, based upon collaborative efforts with other institutions of graduate education, are also available.


A number of valuable resources are available to students in the Mathematics programs.

Mathematics Clinic.  Open to students in all of the Mathematics concentrations, the clinic provides invaluable training through a combination of experience in real-world problem solving and the study of relevant mathematics and its applications.  Under faculty supervision, students work on problems arising in industry and government.  Issues are selected based upon educational merit and are generally of sufficient magnitude that formulation, analysis, and exposition require substantial involvement over an academic year. 

Since its inception in 1973, the Mathematics Clinic has completed over 200 year-long projects for industry.  Topics studied in the clinic are diverse and every attempt is made to match student skills and interests with project needs. 

Claremont Research Graduate Institute for Applied Mathematical Sciences (CRIAMS).  A natural extension of its Mathematics Clinic, the Institute for Applied Mathematical Sciences (CRIAMS) was launched in 1998.  The CRIAMS curriculum emphasizes the use of advanced mathematical, computational and numerical techniques to address the most complex challenges confronting the sciences, government, and business.  CRIAMS faculty have developed innovative mathematical methods and computer algorithms that apply across many application areas.

As a part of its mission, CRIAMS provides continuing education events and intensive seminars and hosts sabbatical visits by the scientists and mathematicians who further develop and use these techniques.

Claremont Center for Mathematical Sciences (CCMS).  The Claremont Center for Mathematical Sciences (CCMS) is a collaborative effort of the mathematics departments of The Claremont Colleges designed to promote research and creative teaching.  Center activities and initiatives, detailed on the CCMS website, include seminars and events organized by the various math departments and faculty.  Research goals strive to enhance collaborative efforts among faculty, undergraduates, and graduate students.  Outreach efforts concentrate on teaching, service, and diversity. 

Degrees Offered

Computational and Applied Mathematics, MS  

Computational Science, PhD (Joint Degree with SDSU)  

Engineering & Industrial Applied Mathematics (Engineering & Computational Mathematics as of Spring 2019), PhD (Joint Degree with CSULB)  

Mathematics, MA  

Mathematics, MS  

Statistical Sciences, MS  

Mathematics, PhD  

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