2019-2020 Bulletin 
    Jul 29, 2021  
2019-2020 Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Psychology, MA

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The Master of Arts in Psychology program prepares students for professional roles in public service, business, and industry or to advance into a doctoral program.  In addition to developing extensive knowledge in the theory, research, and applications of the science of psychology, students select a focused plan of study in one of the concentration areas listed below.

  • Applied Cognitive Psychology:  User Experience **
  • Applied Developmental Psychology and Evaluation
  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Positive Health Psychology
  • Organizational Behavior and Evaluation
  • Positive Developmental Psychology and Evaluation
  • Positive Organizational Psychology and Evaluation
  • Public Policy and Evaluation

Graduates of these programs hold major leadership, research, consulting, and evaluation positions in private corporations, non-profit organizations, government, health care, public heath, community organizations, research institutes, and higher education think tanks around the world.

Admission requirements are detailed in the Admission  section of the Bulletin.

Degree Requirements

Coursework.  The degree requires 48 units of coursework, comprised as follows.

  • Core courses (12 units)
  • Methodology and Evaluation courses (24 units)
  • Electives (12 units)

The two-unit evaluation elective is not required of students in the Positive Developmental or Organizational co-concentration.  The two-unit evaluation elective is optional for those in the Organizational Behavior concentration.

All students are encouraged to take advanced methodology courses as electives or additional courses in the area of co-concentration.  All course enrollments should be discussed with and approved by the student’s advisor.

** The Applied Cognitive Psychology:  User Experience degree requires 48 units of coursework, comprised as follows.

  • Cognitive Psychology courses (12 units)
  • User Experience courses (12 units)
  • Statistics & Research Methods (12 units)
  • Electives (12 units)

Minimum Grade Requirements.  The University’s policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)  applies.  The Psychology program requires students to pass the following courses with a grade of B- or better.

  • Core courses
  • Required Research Methods (PSYCH 302a)
  • Statistics (PSYCH 308a,b,c,d)

Thesis.  A thesis is not required but may be completed with the consent of the student’s advisor.

University Policies.  University policies detailed in the Academic Policies  section of the Bulletin apply.

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