2017-2018 Bulletin 
    May 24, 2024  
2017-2018 Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Music, MA

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Students accepted into the Master of Arts in Music program are expected to attend the program’s concerts, lectures, and symposia.  In addition, students are encouraged to take part in the performance groups of The Claremont Colleges.

Degree Requirements

Admission. Beginning with the Fall 2017 term the GRE examination is not required for admission to the MA in Music except for students persuing a concentration in Musicology. Admission policies are detailed in the Admission  section of the Bulletin.

Coursework. A minimum of 30 units are required, except for concentration in Historical Performance Practices, which requires 34 units.  Core courses and other requirements are detailed within the concentrations.

Language Requirement. Depending upon the program of study or research interest, reading proficiency in French, German, Italian, or Latin is required. A second language is required of students majoring in voice and choral conducting. Successful completion of the language requirement is recommended during the student’s first semester in the program and is required prior to the scheduling of oral and written qualifying examinations.

Qualifying Examinations.  Exam schedules are posted throughout the academic year.  All students are required to take and pass written and oral qualifying exams.  In the event of a failure, a second opportunity to pass the exam may be provided at the next scheduled exam date with the approval of the advisor and the program.

Recitals and Projects.  All recitals and projects must be approved by the program faculty.  Unless program approval has been given, students must be enrolled in individual lessons during the semester in which a recital is presented.

Transfer Credit. The University’s policy on transfer credit  applies.  A maximum of six units are accepted and should be requested during the student’s first semester in the program. 

University Policies. University policies detailed in the Academic Policies  section of the Bulletin apply.

Concentration in Musicology

Additional Requirements

  • Historical courses (8-10 units)
  • Interdisciplinary course (4 units)
  • Master’s Thesis Research (2 units; optional)
  • Master’s Thesis

Concentration in Composition

Additional Requirements

  • MUS 380 - Seminar in Composition (8 units)
  • Electives, Interdisciplinary course (6 units)
  • Master’s Thesis Composition

Concentration in Performance

Concentration in Historical Performance Practices

Additional Requirements

  • MUS 304 - History of Performance Practices (4 units)
  • MUS 230-293 - Individual Lessons (8 units)
  • MUS 203 - Collegium Musicum or MUS 271 - Chamber Music
  • Chamber Music (2 units)
  • Interdisciplinary Course (4 units)
  • Recital
  • Master’s Thesis

Concentration in Church Music

The Church Music concentration requires students to select a major in either organ or choral conducting.

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