[DRAFT] 2024-2025 Bulletin: Policies and General Information 
    Jul 13, 2024  
[DRAFT] 2024-2025 Bulletin: Policies and General Information

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Accuracy of Records

The accuracy of student records is a responsibility of both the institution and its students. Unless otherwise disputed before the end of the semester, all records are considered complete, accurate, and permanent.

CGU policies and procedures are provided in the Bulletin, the institution’s website, and in various web and paper publications regarding CGU’s academic programs and student services. Because policies and procedures are subject to change at any time, it is important that students be receptive to all official communications and announcements from CGU.

Student responsibilities in regard to the accuracy of student records entail the following requirements.

  • Use of CGU Email Account:
    • The cgu.edu e-mail requires a two-factor authentication process that adequately guarantees the identification of the communicating parties.
    • Communications from CGU. Official University communications are distributed via the student’s cgu.edu e-mail address. Therefore, students should check their CGU email accounts regularly.
    • Communications with CGU. All communications with the University regarding student services or records should also be conducted via CGU email accounts to ensure authentication, your right to information, and the ability to authorize student transactions. E-mail received from non-CGU service providers may not be accepted.
  • Student Portal. The CGU student portal provides access to extensive student information maintained by the University. Students receive unique log-ins and passwords to protect the privacy of their individual information. Students should verify this data regularly, especially during the registration and grading periods, to ensure that student records are complete and accurate. Concerns should be reported immediately to the academic program coordinator.
  • Registrar Website. In addition to various University communications, CGU policy and procedural changes are reflected on the registrar’s webpages. Students should consult the website to verify upcoming deadlines and information policies.
  • Official and Unofficial student transcript. Students should make sure that all courses have been recorded and that a grade has been assigned for all courses that require a grade. If instructors–such as visiting and adjunct faculty–are unavailable or difficult to locate because a period of time has lapsed since a student was enrolled in a course, changes or corrections may become impossible.
  • Communications that are not performed on the cgu.edu e-mail platform should be transacted in writing via US Mail or in person. Transactions involving changes to student records or requesting the release of information from student records cannot be completed by phone.
  • CGU reserves the right to require identification for all transactions, including those requested in person. A CGU ID Card, driver’s license, passport, or other method of official government-issued identification may be required.

Timeliness & Term Based Transactions

At the end of the semester, student information is considered complete, accurate, and permanent; changes to a semester’s enrollment information may not be made after the last day of that semester.

Deadlines exist not only to ensure the efficiency of University operations, but to comply with the various federal, state, and accreditation regulations that oversee government reporting, the distribution of financial aid, eligibility for federal funding, the integrity of CGU’s academic programs, and other educational concerns. Student responsibilities include the following.

  • Consult the Academic Calendar  for relevant and important enrollment and student account deadlines. Because some processes require extensive time for completion, be sure to begin fulfilling expectations early.
  • Transactions that affect student records or financial accounts are only accepted within the semester to which the transaction applies. Forms, including processing instructions, for specific student transactions are available from links on the Registrar’s and Student Accounts websites.

Enrollment and Financial Agreement

Prior to registration each academic year, students are required to complete the Enrollment and Financial Agreement through their MyCGU portal. Students are advised to keep a copy of the Agreement for their records.