2017-2018 Bulletin 
    May 24, 2024  
2017-2018 Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]


For more information on particular aspects of Claremont Graduate University, contact the people listed below. To reach departments or offices not included here, call the switchboard operator at (909) 621-8000. All mail to the faculty and administration may be addressed to Claremont Graduate University, 160 E. Tenth Street, Claremont, CA 91711-6163. 

Academic Affairs

Patricia Easton, Executive Vice President and Provost

(909) 621-8068

Carol Suter, Administrative Assistant to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

(909) 607-3318

Andrew Conway, Associate Provost for Research

(909) 607-9406

Alana Olschwang, Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness


Jeanette Baez, Institutional Research Officer

(909) 607-8632

Student Services

Lisa Flores Griffith, Assistant Vice President, Student Services

(909) 607-1887

Quamina Carter, Interim Dean of Students & Campus Life

(909) 621-8965

Weslee Hatfield, Assistant to the Deans

(909) 607-9448

Registrar’s Office

Lindsay Stadler, Director of Enrollment and Records Management

(909) 607-3373

Sarah Jaques-Ross, Assistant Registrar

(909) 607-3370

Gwen Smith, Student Records Assistant

(909) 607-0431

Fany Gonzalez, Data Services Assistant

(909) 607-1124


Timothy Council, Dean of Admissions

(909) 607-7811

Hayley Kiruki, Senior Assistant Director, Admissions Operations

(909) 607-9043

Misti Williamson, Admissions Systems Specialist

(909) 621-8520

Loren Bryant, Office of Admissions Coordinator

(909) 621-8067

Mayra DeArmas, Applications Coordinator

(909) 607-9106

Financial Aid

Kristal Gama, Director of Financial Aid

(909) 607-7821

Rosie Ruiz, Senior Financial Aid Counselor

(909) 607-0436

Student Life, Diversity, and Leadership

Mireya Morales, Senior Assistant Director of Student Life, Diversity, and Leadership

(909) 607-0434

Ariel Carpenter, Assistant Director of International Admissions

(909) 607-3677

Student Accounts

Collins Ejiogu, Student Accounts Manager

(909) 607-0433

Curt Phillips, Student Accounts Clerk

(909) 607-3648

Amy Hernandez, Collections & 3rd Party Billing Coordinator

(909) 607-4561

President’s Office

Jacob Adams, President

(909) 621-8025

Donna Standlea, Executive Assistant to the President

(909) 607-3305

Cindy Bierman, Secretary to the Board

(909) 621-8265

Marketing & Communications

Max Benavidez, Associate Vice President, Marketing & Communications

(909) 621-8028

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University Administration 

Jacob Adams, President

Patricia Easton, Provost and Executive Vice President

Ernie Iseminger, Vice President for Advancement

Leslie Negritto, Vice President of Finance and Administration/Treasurer

Jim Irwin, Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration