2020-2021 Bulletin 
    Apr 19, 2021  
2020-2021 Bulletin

Mathematics, MS

The Master’s program in mathematics is career-oriented and designed to emphasize training in the areas of physical applied mathematics, computational science, systems and control theory, and operations research and statistics.  The program provides students with applied, working experience as preparation for positions in industry or government.  It also offers a solid foundation for those who later pursue a doctoral degree in mathematics.

Admission requirements are detailed in the Admission  section of the Bulletin.

Degree Requirements

Students may elect to work toward a Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Science (MS) degree.

Course Requirements.  A minimum of 32 units of graduate coursework is required for either the MA or MS.  Students whose undergraduate coursework lacks fundamental mathematics courses may be required to complete more than 32 units.

At least 20 units of coursework must be gamma courses–that is, 300-level and above. A grade of B- or above must be earned in gamma courses. 

Satisfactory Academic Progress.  The University’s policy on satisfactory academic progress  applies.  Students who do not maintain a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0 in Mathematics courses are placed on academic probation.  Students who remain on academic probation after taking an additional 8 units of Mathematics courses may be dismissed from the program.  

University Policies.  University policies detailed in the Academic Policies  section of the Bulletin apply.

Professional experience policy

In lieu of one formal course, students may take Math 398 Independent Study with a research advisor leading to a publication quality technical report in an area of the mathematical sciences.  Subject to approval by their academic advisor, students working outside campus on mathematical/statistical projects may also use this professional experience as the basis of a Math 398 Independent Study.  At most 2 units per semester can be acquired in this practical type of independent study, which will not be counted as a gamma course.