2017-2018 Bulletin 
    Oct 16, 2018  
2017-2018 Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Transdisciplinary Studies

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Director: Andrew Vosko

Website: www.cgu.edu/transdisciplinary
Email: transdisciplinary@cgu.edu
Phone: 909-607-0724

Students at CGU are encouraged to pursue academic interests and research questions that cross the traditional disciplinary and program boundaries. Given the changing nature of doctoral education and the increasingly complex problems needing experts to collaborate across different disciplines, in 2004 the CGU faculty added a required transdisciplinary course to the doctoral curriculum. As originally envisioned, the Transdisciplinary Course promotes intellectual curiosity and courage in students and faculty to go beyond their disciplines. Current offerings focus on research methodologies, problem-centered inquiry, and practicum courses.

The Transdisciplinary Studies Program also funds research for graduate students and faculty. Through its annual initiatives, the Program galvanizes the CGU community together around a common topic. Visit http://www.cgu.edu/transdisciplinary for more information about CGU’s Transdisciplinary Studies Program.

Transdisciplinarity refers to the interaction of three or more disciplines producing results not likely to be obtained by a single or isolated discipline alone.  At CGU, this attitude is evident from a number of opportunities, initiatives, and events across the campus.

  • Transdisciplinary courses (T-courses), encouraging members of the community to incorporate this philosophy into personal research, professional career goals, and doctoral study
  • Transdisciplinary Dissertation Awards
  • Transdisciplinary Research Awards for CGU faculty
  • Reading and working groups


Transdisciplinary courses (T-courses) combine scholarship in multiple disciplines and fields of study.  Intended to facilitate the integration of transdisciplinary perspectives with personal research, T-courses are open to all students.

T-courses are listed each semester in the CGU Schedule of Classes and identified by catalog numbers beginning TNDY.

Doctoral Requirement.  With a few exceptions, enrollment in at least one T-course is required of all doctoral students.  A course should be selected and taken within the student’s first two years in the program or by completion of 48 units in the program.  Additional information is available in the Doctoral Degree Regulations  section of the Bulletin.

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