2017-2018 Bulletin 
    Mar 18, 2018  
2017-2018 Bulletin


For more information on particular aspects of Claremont Graduate University, contact the people listed below. To reach departments or offices not included here, call the switchboard operator at (909) 621-8000. All mail to the faculty and administration may be addressed to Claremont Graduate University, 160 E. Tenth Street, Claremont, CA 91711-6163. 

Academic Affairs

Patricia Easton, Executive Vice President and Provost

(909) 621-8068

Carol Suter, Administrative Assistant to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

(909) 607-3318

Andrew Conway, Associate Provost for Research

(909) 607-9406

Alana Olschwang, Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness


Jeanette Baez, Institutional Research Officer

(909) 607-8632

Student Services

Lisa Flores Griffith, Assistant Vice President, Student Services

(909) 607-1887

Quamina Carter, Interim Dean of Students & Campus Life

(909) 621-8965

Weslee Hatfield, Assistant to the Deans

(909) 607-9448

Registrar’s Office

Lindsay Stadler, Director of Enrollment and Records Management

(909) 607-3373

Sarah Jaques-Ross, Assistant Registrar

(909) 607-3370

Gwen Smith, Student Records Assistant

(909) 607-0431

Fany Gonzalez, Data Services Assistant

(909) 607-1124


Timothy Council, Dean of Admissions

(909) 607-7811

Hayley Kiruki, Senior Assistant Director, Admissions Operations

(909) 607-9043

Misti Williamson, Admissions Systems Specialist

(909) 621-8520

Loren Bryant, Office of Admissions Coordinator

(909) 621-8067

Mayra DeArmas, Applications Coordinator

(909) 607-9106

Financial Aid

Kristal Gama, Director of Financial Aid

(909) 607-7821

Rosie Ruiz, Senior Financial Aid Counselor

(909) 607-0436

Student Life, Diversity, and Leadership

Mireya Morales, Senior Assistant Director of Student Life, Diversity, and Leadership

(909) 607-0434

Ariel Carpenter, Assistant Director of International Admissions

(909) 607-3677

Student Accounts

Collins Ejiogu, Student Accounts Manager

(909) 607-0433

Curt Phillips, Student Accounts Clerk

(909) 607-3648

Amy Hernandez, Collections & 3rd Party Billing Coordinator

(909) 607-4561

President’s Office

Jacob Adams, President

(909) 621-8025

Donna Standlea, Executive Assistant to the President

(909) 607-3305

Cindy Bierman, Secretary to the Board

(909) 621-8265

Marketing & Communications

Max Benavidez, Associate Vice President, Marketing & Communications

(909) 621-8028

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University Administration 

Jacob Adams, President

Patricia Easton, Provost and Executive Vice President

Ernie Iseminger, Vice President for Advancement

Leslie Negritto, Vice President of Finance and Administration/Treasurer

Jim Irwin, Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration