2018-2019 Bulletin 
    Jul 17, 2019  
2018-2019 Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

International Studies

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Chair: Yi Feng
(909) 621-8689



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The programs in politics and policy weave together broad theoretical concerns about politics and political values with more focused questions of applied policy analysis. Emphasis is placed upon the connection between values and practice.  Educational opportunities include policy internships, policy research, and various projects in which students and faculty examine a wide range of domestic and international policy issues.  The purpose is to prepare students for careers in university teaching, nonprofit organizations, government, consulting, and business. A significant number of students direct their studies and careers toward participation in the international arena.

Specific areas of study allow for concentration, in which students may design their own areas of focus in consultation with an advisor.  The personalized and transdisciplinary approach of CGU allows students to complement their programs with study in economics, history, psychology, and other related fields.

Degrees Offered

International Political Economy, MA   
International Studies, MA   
Political Science and Economics, PhD (Interfield Degree)  
Political Science, PhD  (for Summer and Fall 2018 admitted students)

International Politics and Political Science, PhD  (for Spring 2019 admitted students)
Politics, Economics, and Business, MA  
Applied Data Science and International Studies, MS  

Accelerated BA/MA

Qualified juniors and seniors enrolled at The Claremont Colleges who are interested in pursuing a career in government, politics, policy, economics, consulting, advocacy, or the non-profit sector should consider enrolling in the Accelerated BA/MA Program. Students have the option of enrolling in graduate courses during their junior or senior years, at no additional cost. Some of the advanced courses offered at the undergraduate institutions may, with approval, be counted for graduate credit. A total of 12-16 units from courses completed at CGU, or accepted as equivalents, may be counted toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Undergraduates are thus afforded an advanced start on completing graduate degree requirements. Students who receive a BA and have completed the necessary graduate or equivalent units may be eligible to earn a master’s degree with only two additional semesters of enrollment at CGU.

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