2012-2013 Bulletin 
    Oct 26, 2020  
2012-2013 Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]


For more information on particular aspects of Claremont Graduate University, contact the people listed below. To reach departments or offices not included here, call the switchboard operator at (909) 621-8000. All mail to the faculty and administration may be addressed to Claremont Graduate University, 160 E. Tenth Street, Claremont, CA 91711-6163.


Academic Affairs

Jacob Adams (909) 621-8068
Provost and Executive Vice President
Vacant (909) 621-8068
Administrative Assistant to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dean Gerstein (909) 607-8069
Vice Provost and Director
Research Sponsored Programs
Scott Simpson (909) 621-8135
Assistant Provost
Wendy Martin (909) 607-0723
Vice Provost for Transdisciplinary Studies
Dolores Castruita (909) 607-3691
Senior Secretary

Student Services

Fred Siegel (909) 621-8965
Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Student Services
Fred Siegel  
Dean of Students

Registrar’s Office

Clifford A. Ramirez (909) 607-4124
Edris Stuebner (909) 607-3370
Assistant Registrar


Julia Wendt (909) 621-8263
Vacant (909) 607-3371
Assistant Director of Admission

Financial Aid

Susie Guilbault (909) 607-7822
Director of Financial Aid

International Students

Marsha Habib (909) 607-0434
International Student Coordinator

Student Accounts

Patty Higuchi (909) 607-0433
Manager, Student Accounts  
Rob’n Lewis (909) 607-2613

President’s Office

Deborah A. Freund (909) 621-8025
Donna Standlea (909) 607-3305
Executive Assistant to the President
Louise Webber (909) 621-8265
Secretary to the Board

University Communications

(909) 621-8028

University Website


Administration of the University

Deborah A. Freund, President
Jacob Adams, Provost and Executive Vice President
Steven Garcia, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
Mike Avila, Assistant Vice President for Advancement
Fred Siegel, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Student Services