2018-2019 Bulletin 
    Dec 15, 2018  
2018-2019 Bulletin

Resolution Process

Claremont Graduate University is committed to providing a valued learning experience for our students and we appreciate the opportunity to enhance that experience. Should an issue be brought to our attention, CGU will take appropriate action to seek resolution.  Students are encouraged to pursue our internal resolution process for any complaints before contacting external state sources for resolution.

CGU students are encouraged to first speak to their faculty member if they have an academic issue. If an issue cannot be resolved at that level, a student may contact the Dean of Students Office for alternative options including, but not limited to formal grievance  procedures.

If the issue involves an allegation of academic dishonesty, please review the Academic Honesty Policy .

If an issue submitted to CGU by a student is unresolved and involves a complaint arising under State laws, the student may contact the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) at:

Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education
2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95833
Telephone: (916) 431-6959
FAX: (916) 263-1897

Students have the right to contact higher education regulatory agencies or an accrediting agency for specific issues.  CGU is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).  Questions about CGU’s compliance with criteria for accreditation can be directed to:  http://www.acswasc.org/contact/acs-wasc-complaints/

For students who are residents of states outside of California, consumer inquiries also may be directed to the following consumer protection agencies.


Arizona Attorney General
Address: 1275 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926
Phone: 602-542-5025
Website: https://www.azag.gov/contact-us


Colorado Department of Higher Education
Address: 1560 Broadway, Suite 1600
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-866-2723
Website: http://highered.colorado.gov/DHE/contact.html


Commission for Independent Education
Address: 325 W Gaines Street, Suite 1414
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0400
Phone: 850-245-3200
Website: https://prod.flbog.net:4445/pls/apex/f?p=128:5:11870167740605
Complaint Form: http://www.flbog.edu/contact/_doc/ComplaintFormRevisedFinal.pdf


Illinois Board of Higher Education
Address: 431 East Adams Street, Second Floor
Springfield, IL 62701
Phone: 217-782-2551
Website: http://www.ibhe.org/contactUs.htm


Commission of Postsecondary Education
Address: 8778 South Maryland Parkway Suite 115
Las Vegas, Nevada  89123
Phone: 702-486-7330
Website: http://cpe.nv.gov/


Oregon Student Assistance Commission, Office of Degree Authorization
Address: 1500 Valley River Drive, Suite 100,
Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: 800-452-8807
Website: http://oregonstudentaid.gov/oda.aspx


Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Academic Affairs and Research
Address: 1200 E. Anderson Lane, Austin, TX 78752 - P.O. Box 12788
Austin, TX 78711-2788
Phone: 512-427-6101
Website: www.thecb.state.tx.us/index.cfm?objectid=AC6FA0BC-F5DB-16DE-6B667C083DFB5B98


Utah Division of Consumer Protection
Address: 160 East 300 South, 2nd Floor
PO Box 146704
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6704
Phone: 801-530-6601
Website: http://www.dcp.utah.gov/consumerinfo/
Complaint Form: http://consumerprotection.utah.gov/complaints/index.html


Washington State Office of the Attorney General
Address: 1125 Washington St SE
P.O. Box 40100
Olympia, WA 98504-0100
Phone: 360-753-6200
Website: http://www.atg.wa.gov/file-complaint#Complaint