2018-2019 Bulletin 
    Mar 24, 2019  
2018-2019 Bulletin

Intercampus Complaints

Complaints by a student, including alleged discrimination on any basis, relating to an individual affiliated with one of the other Claremont Colleges may be directed to Vice Provost for Student Services and Dean of Students, Harper East, (909) 621-8965 or deanof.students@cgu.edu.

When a Graduate University student is on the campus of another of The Claremont Colleges, he/she is expected to respect the regulations of that college as well as those of the Graduate University. If a student of another of The Claremont Colleges violates the regulations of the host college, judicial action may be brought against that student at his/her home college. The name of the student concerned, along with all pertinent information, will be sent to the dean of students of the college involved.

The administration of the host college may, at its own discretion, prohibit a student from coming onto its campus until judiciary action at the student’s home college is complete. Such a prohibition will be communicated to the student through his/her home college at the request of the host college.